Mission Control for your Customer Experience

One powerful platform to boost customer loyalty and grow profitably all while providing an exceptional customer experience

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Exceptional customer service for them. Profitable growth for you.

Our all-in-one solution is designed to ensure a worry-free post-purchase journey. At no cost to you, offer your customers VIP package protection, complete with order protection, rewards, and carbon-neutral delivery. 

New Profit Stream

Earn incremental profit from order protection premiums and repeat purchases

Net Revenue


Increased Loyalty

Delight your customers with store credit and incentives that drive repeat purchases and foster loyalty.

No SaaS Fees

We thrive when your business thrives. SaaS fees are out of control. Onward believes in providing top-tier services without the SaaS

Growth Engine

Empower your customers with the VIP Membership they deserve, without the subscription. With a single integration, reap multiple benefits that optimize revenue, and ensure peace of mind. Onward is your all-encompassing solution for driving customer loyalty and profitable growth.

Shipping Protection

Turn incidents into
reorders —and profit.

Secure every order, satisfy your customers, and unlock new revenue streams

Unparalleled Protection

We protect orders from issues common & uncommon including theft, return to sender, wrong item, loss or damage.

Resolutions in under an hour

Customers are guided through an automated, easy self-serve claims flow leading to a resolution in under an hour.

Customers love us

With 24/7 support, we’re available when your customers need us and we’ll reduce your customer support tickets by 25%

With Onward, 72% of claims usually result in a reorder. And we cover the cost.


Build loyalty, effortlessly.

With Onward, rewarding your customers is a built-in advantage

More incentive for your customers, more revenue for you

Our unique incentive, increases the attach rate of shipping protection which leads to more orders protected and more revenue for your business.

Seamless integration

Rewards comes out of the box with Onward protection. No need for multiple different apps or multiple installs.

Boost customer retention

According to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in retention correlates with at least a 25% increase in profit. Our rewards incentive is designed to drive these repeat purchases.

Customers are 10% more likely to reorder when using Onward Rewards

Carbon Offsets

Protection is at the core of what we do, and that includes the planet.

With every purchase, your orders are certified carbon neutral through our partnership with CoolEffect.

Eco-conscious, without the fuss

We handle the details, allowing you to effortlessly contribute to a sustainable future.

Up to 15% increase in AOV

Recent Reviews

Fast & Easy

Onward’s claim process is fast, easy, and integrates very easily into our customer service workflows. It was extremely important that we partnered with a company that would keep our customers very happy with the service, while solving a pain point with lost packages. They take the burden off of our CS team. We highly recommend the service.


Surprise & Delight

We’ve been very happy with the service Onward has provided to our customers. With Onward, you’re not just getting a tool to plug into your site, but also a full complement of folks from their team to ensure your program is running as smoothly as possible. The claims team in particular really cares about providing our customers with exceptional service. We recently had an issue with one of our distribution centers that caused some delays in order processing. Not only was their claims team providing us constant customer feedback, but Onward went out of its way to offer “surprise and delight” credits to apologize for the delays. We loved that proactive step they took to keep our customers happy.


Shipping Delivery Issues Gone

While customers absolutely love our Windmill A/Cs once they're installed and working, nothing is more frustrating to us here at Windmill than when one of them receives a damaged or broken unit due to shipping issues. For years, we simply assumed the cost of replacements internally, which not only put pressure on the bottom line, but also created an unnecessary hassle for our customer experience team as well. Enter Onward. They’ve made shipping delivery issues a thing of the past for us! With their great support team and super fast response times, our customers are delighted with the service, and we here at the company have piece-of-mind knowing the Windmill community is well cared for.

Windmill Air

New Revenue Stream

Our product, while lightweight, has substantial bulk which makes it expensive to ship (and reship when there are issues). Onward’s solution has been of real value to us in addressing this problem. We’re no longer liable for reshipping product at our expense. Since Onward covers the expense, we’re able to generate new net revenue through the reorders they place. They also have great customer service with their claims team. We highly recommend them.


For brands that are in it for the long-haul

Building consistency and growth is in retail, our merchants use Onward as a tool overcome their challenges

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