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100% 5-star Reviews

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Our customers have been thrilled with the prompt and efficient customer service delivered by the Onward team when handling their shipping-related issues. With the added benefits to our bottom line, it's been a win-win.
Ian Blair  CEO

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Onward’s approach for combining package protection, carbon offsets and loyalty rewards really resonated with us. It’s a unique offering compared to the other alternatives that we explored in the space.
Dov Quint  Storefronts Lead

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Great team and service. Their swift and expert handling of claim requests for lost and stolen packages is really appreciated by our Members, and makes our internal teams' lives easier. We have a high bar in terms of expectations being met and the service has not disappointed.
For years, we simply assumed the cost of replacements internally, which not only put pressure on the bottom line, but also created an unnecessary hassle for our customer experience team as well. Enter Onward. They’ve made shipping delivery issues a thing of the past for us! With their great support team and super fast response times, our customers are delighted with the service.
Onward has been very attentive with us and have handled the claims that we have with care. Things will be ramping up heading into the winter, and we’re confident in Onward’s ability to handle the volume. It’s always a pleasure talking to the team and we’re excited to try some of the new features we’ve been discussing together.
Onward’s solution has been of real value to us in addressing expensive reshipping problem. We’re no longer liable for reshipping product at our expense. Since Onward covers the expense, we’re able to generate new net revenue through the reorders they place. They also have great customer service with their claims team. We highly recommend them.
As one of Onward’s initial clients, we've seen the product improve significantly. It’s been really helpful for us to be able to add protection after an order has been placed. They promised to provide a friendly service to our customers and approve all valid claims. Happy to report that they’ve lived up to that promise.
Onward’s claim process is fast, easy, and integrates very easily into our customer service workflows. It was extremely important that we partnered with a company that would keep our customers very happy with the service.

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